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BnB Keys Property Management 

Do you own property and want to maximize your income from it?

Bnb Keys takes over the complete management of the property for you. Leave all the work to us: we register your property on the most efficient platforms, we undertake the cleaning, we welcome the visitors, and we take care of all the work that arises, in order for the visitors to be completely satisfied and for you to maximize your profit. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the profit and the free time! 


Our services

  • We evaluate your property. Each property is unique. We find those elements that will highlight the property in the best way.  We also have the opportunity to decorate and undertake the styling of the apartment.  

  • We undertake the photography of the apartment to ensure the excellent visibility on the platforms.  The more impressive the photo shooting of the apartment, the more effective its projection on the platforms.

  • We create the entry on the platforms  (Airbnb / / Expedia). To determine the best performance of the property, we investigate the competition, the pricing of the areas, and  we determine the price with the help of an algorithm. We work constantly on the pricing and we adjust it according to the season and at all times when this is appropriate.

  • We undertake the management of the account on the platforms. We answer immediately all questions of potential tenants and we are close to them from the first moment they show interest in the property.

  • During their stay, guests enjoy full support and communication 24 hours a day.

  • We undertake the cleaning of the property before the arrival and after the departure of each visitor, and we have the ability to provide seasonal disinfection services.

  • We undertake the catering of the supplies that you wish to have on the property upon the arrival of the guests. We undertake any additional requests of the guests regarding items that may be needed upon arrival at the apartment.  

  • We undertake the repair and maintenance when required, so that the property always remains in excellent condition.  

  • We evaluate the tenants before accepting each reservation. Upon arrival, we provide a professional reception and answer any questions about the area and the apartment.  

  • Prior to their arrival, the guests also receive a leaflet with instructions for the apartment and tips for the area.  

  • You are constantly informed about the progress of your reservations and the effectiveness of the property.

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We provide you with everything that you need for the most efficient management of your property. 

From the evaluation of your property, the styling and photography, the listing on the best platforms and the consultation and reception of visitors, up to  cleaning the property and preparing it for the next guests. 

We place your property on the most important platforms

We register your property on the best platforms, after taking care of the apropriate visibility by providing the  correct photo shooting and the styling. The photos, the price  and reviews are the factors that play a decisive role in the booking of your property.

We find the best price for you 

We make sure your property has the right price. We use algorithms that take into account seasonality, competition and other factors, and help us set for you the best price.

We take care of your guests even before their arrival 

We answer the questions of potential visitors immediately, so that they feel from the first moment that they will have full support during their visit. We welcome them professionally and provide them with an electronic booklet with important  information of the apartment and the area.

We take care of the property prior to the arrival and after the departure of the guests

We undertake the cleaning of the property before the arrival and after the departure of the visitors. In case of damage, we have a team of professionals to repair them immediately. We can also provide additional disinfection services. Furthermore, we undertake the supplies of the property, so that your guests always find the welcome you want. 


Additional services

We can make the management of your property even simpler, with our additional services.

  • Are you interested to rent your property for short term rent and need renovation? We undertake the complete renovation,  taking in consideration the visitors' needs.

  • Are you looking to furnish the property so that it can be rented on the platforms? We can choose the furniture to ensure durability over time.

  • Do you need help to decorate the property smartly, making it unique? We can help you with tips and with the selection of the most suitable materials.  ​

  • Do you want to offer to visitors additional services, such as transfer to the airport or port? We can arrange their transfers for you.  

  • We are here to listen to you and offer any other service you want, so that the hospitality experience becomes unique. 

Get in touch with us today, we would love to hear from you.

27 Michael Mela, Athens Greece

+30 6944328664 

Thank you!

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